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Balconies in Conde de Superunda Street (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
Balconies in Jr. Ucayali (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
Balconies in Jr. Ucayali (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
Balconies in Jr. Ucayali (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
Balconies in Jr. Ancash (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
Balconies in Lima

Lima was not only known as the "Very Noble, Loyal City of Kings", or the "Garden City", but also known as "The City of the Balconies".

Since the Spanish foundation of Lima, in 1535, there was an eternal competition among the conquerors to have the best and prettiest balcony.

This balconies, with Arabic origins and then used by the Spaniards, are closed balconies, also called box balconies. Made of carved wood. Most of them built during Colonial time, some during Republican times.

Nowadays the Lima historical center, also called Pizarro's Chessboard, honors the title of World Heritage Site given by UNESCO, thanks to the work done by the actual Mayor of the city, Alberto Andrade.

He asked the city to "Adopt a Balcony", with the purpose of recover and preserve the balconies, and all this to give identity to the city. All the citizens took this message, especially by those who love their city. The answer was extraordinary for the project that later came true.

An institution called Prolima, made a study and inventory of the balconies determined their condition, developed and value the investment.

There were many private and public institutions that helped the project, Universities, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, travel agencies, embassies, etc. There was also a Peruvian-Italian citizen, Graciella Laffi, artist, who adopted a balcony in honor of the Florentine professor Bruno Rosselli. In this way many other people followed the idea and adopted a balcony.

The Mayor of the city is now starting the third step in the project. It is called "Del Puente a la Alameda" (From the Bridge to the Alameda); it will protect and restore the balconies in the district of Rímac.

Until now, after 18 months, there had been restored 78 balconies with an investment of S/ 2´331,747 product of the donations made by those who adopted a balcony.

Richard Nichols, Mayor of the city of London, was in Lima to participate of the ceremony of giving a restored balcony to the city, balcony that was donated by the United Kingdom.

Other countries such as Germany, India, Switzerland, and others had also donated one.

It is important to mention, Professor Bruno Roselli, art teacher at the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos and at the Pontificia Universida Católica de Lima. He was a teacher during the 50 and 60 decades and a "balcony lover". He rescued 40 balconies that were going to be wrecked, he took them to a warehouse, but unfortunately fire destroyed them.

There are approximately 100 totally restored balconies.

Lima is waiting for your visit, especially if you enjoy with art.

Lima invites you.

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