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Surroundings areas from Tarma City

 Town located at 7 miles (11,5 km.) from Tarma. Famed because "Santuario del Señor de Muruhuay" is located here, mystique and religious place. Many miracles are attributed to this lord. Its feast always celebrated during May, congregates thousands of pilgrims that arrive from all the country.

"Gruta de Huagapo" Huagapo´s Cavern (quechua voice that means cavern that cries).
Located at 20.5 miles (33 km.) from Tarma. It is considered the largest cavern in the country. It measures more than 2 km. In its interiors are found stalactites and springs of underground water that form rivers and lagoons. Because of its narrow galleries, it is only possible to access to the first 180 meters (590 feet) being necessary special equipment to go farther. In certain spots, diving equipment is also necessary since some of the galleries are flood. Along them are found lagoons and dry galleries.  During the last decade its length has been established by investigators.

San Pedro de Cajas
Town located at 25.4 miles (41 km.) from Tarma at 4.014 meters (13.169 feet) above sea level. Since Colonial times, it was famous because of craftsmen and weavers. Tapestry is well known around the world because of its beauty. Weavers use lamb wool.

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