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Vizcacha (Photo: J.L. Tord)
Landscape (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
Sanctuarys and Natural Reserves in Ayacucho

Santuario Histórico Pampas de Ayacucho
(Historical Sanctuary Pampas of Ayacucho)
Location: Department of Ayacucho, province of Huamanga.

Located on the district of Quinua, intangible and protected area, to safeguard the scenario of the battle of Ayacucho, carried out on December 9, 1824 among the liberator forces under the control of Antonio de Sucre against the Spanish realistic forces under the control The Viceroy Serna. The heroic action of the Perúvian force, Hussars of Junín under the control of Córdoba achieved the victory, getting the capitulation and rendition of the Spanish forces, affirming the total delivery of Perúvian lands to Perúvian people, and the renouncement of the real rights of Spain mainly in Perú and South America.

Santuario Nacional de Titancáyocc
(National Sanctuary of Titancáyocc)
Location: Department of Ayacucho, province of Cangallo.

Intangible area for the conservation of the flora, fauna and archaeological locations; highlights the magnificent goads of Raimondi.

Reserva Nacional de Pampa Galeras
(National Reservation of Pampa Galeras )
Location: Department of Ayacucho, province of Lucanas.
Area: 6,500 hectares.
Creation: 1967.

Conservation unit and protection of species of the fauna and regional flora; it constitutes the intangible area of more extension for the protection of the vicuña, species in danger of extinction.

Beautiful landscapes in an Andean plateau and the best place to know to the vicuñas in wild state.

Their access and visit is advisable from the city of Nazca (90 km)

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