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Landscape (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
Via Los Libertadores (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
Vinchos Town (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
Transportation and Communication

When coming to Ayacucho from abroad, it is advisable to first arrive to the city of Lima. Then by terrestrial or airways, you can connect with Ayacucho.

Terrestrial Way
The highway called "Vía de Los Libertadores" is the most commonly used and advisable, because of the conditions in which it is. It is connected to the Pan American Highway in the city of San Clemente, Pisco. In the city of Lima, you can take tourists buses to Ayacucho. It is a comfortable trip that takes an average of twelve hours. If you are choosing this alternative, we recommend the visit to the city of Paracas and Tambo Colorado archaeological complex , located in the way.


  • From Lima (by Pisco): 575 Km. (357 miles)
  • From Pisco (using the highway of Los Libertadores): 314 Km. (195 miles)
    The route is the following, San Clemente - Pámpano - Huaytará - Ayacucho (Abra Apacheta 4,750 meters above sea level - 15,584 feet the highest point of the route)
  • From Huancayo: 361 Km. (224 miles), the route is the following, Huancayo - Izcuchaca - Mayocc - Huanta - Ayacucho (The highway here is not advisable, not in well condition)

Air Way
The city of Ayacucho (AYP) has an airport "Coronel FAP Alfredo Mendívil". It is a small airport with comfortable facilities. There are regular flights from/to Lima, very early in the mornings. The average flight time is of 35 minutes.

Means of Communication

Ayacucho counts with all kind of communication means.

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