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Huanta (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
Countryside in Ayacucho (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
Surroundings areas from Ayacucho

Quinua (Town of Artisans)

Located at 31Km. (19.2 miles) north of Ayacucho, at 3,396 meters above sea level (11,141 feet). Very close to the Santuario Histórico Pampas de Ayacucho, where the last battle against the Spaniards was fought, giving liberty to our country from the Spanish monarchy.
It is a small town, with little houses all with red tiles and very poor people. Surrounded with little farms and beautiful landscapes.

Its population of only 7,000 inhabitants work in the country and farms, and also are good artisans. These artisans, experts with clay can create very special pieces.

Next to the town is located the archaeological center of Huari. (18 Km)


Located at 51 Km (31.7 miles) north of Ayacucho at 2,628 meters above sea level (8,622 feet). Most of the inhabitants of the city have influence in traditions and race from the Spaniards, and it can be distinguished from the indigenous. The country and landscape have the same view as it used to have many years ago.

Near Huanta you can also visit the caves of Piquimachay.

Pampas de Cangallo

Located at 68 km, south of Ayacucho. There live the Morochucos, descendants from the Spaniards that were defeated in the Chupas battle in 1542. They used this area as refuge. Their physical characteristics are like the Spanish race. Devoted to work in the country and very good horsemen. They like to drink alcoholic beverages and leave the hard work for the women.

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