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Transports and Communications - Iquitos

When arriving to Iquitos from abroad you may do it directly from the city of Manaos and Tabatinga from Brasil and Leticia from Colombia. If this is not your case you should do it through Lima. Then by air directly to Iquitos or by bus to Pucallpa and from there by river to Iquitos.

Due to the geographical conditions, it is not possible to find means of terrestrial transportation; the vehicles only circulate in the city and by highway to the city of Nauta. The regional transportation is done by river or by air means. To Iquitos the airplane arrived first and then the automobile.

By Air

The city of Iquitos counts with the International Airport "Coronel FAP Francisco Secada" (IQT), with comfortable facilities.

From Iquitos usually are found daily flights to the city of Lima, and there are also flights from/to Pucallpa and Trujillo.

By River

In this region you can find a very peculiar kind of boat called "peque-peque" (a canoe with motor), the boat called "pecamari" (medium craft with roof), gliders with potent overboard motors, and medium ships, dedicated to people transportation and others exclusively dedicated to load and transport; with regular itineraries. You can rent boats for a particular service.

The voyage from Pucallpa to Iquitos can take from 4 to 6 days. The rivers most frequently used, as routes are Amazonas, Napo, Marañón and Ucayali.

From Iquitos, by the Amazonas you can arrive to Manaos (Brazil) leaving the continent by the Atlantic Ocean.

Cruises by the Amazonas River

You will also be able to enjoy attractive cruises by the Amazonas, spending an average of 6 to 7 days. Leaving from Iquitos a stop is made in Leticia (Colombia) and Tabatinga (Brazil) and return to Iquitos. During the voyage visits are done to towns and native communities, and are carried out walks to the jungle, night expeditions and fishing sessions.

Medium crafts offer dinner service and rooms with conditioned air system.


Iquitos has all the modern communication systems, telephone, mail, television, cable television, fax, connections to Internet, courier services.

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