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Surroundings Areas of Iquitos

Santo Tomás
Small town located at 16 km. (9.9 miles) south of Iquitos, in the bank of Mapacocha lagoon, which is communicated with the Nanay river. Picturesque town whose people live from the fishing, the elaboration and commercialization of crafts. During the weekends they carry out big popular parties in the "Tahuampas" (Regional ball centers).

Located at 15 km. (9.3 miles) south of Iquitos. Tourist and amusement center. It has a regional flora forest of 369 hectares; small zoo of regional fauna and "paiches" (fish variety) hatcheries.

Regional museum of ceramic pieces and dissected animals. Beautiful lagoon, spa and recess center, boat rentals and rides.

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