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Amazon Cruise (Photo: J.L. Tord)
Amazonas River - Cruises

The mightiest river in the world, and the second in length. Born in the Peruvian Andes (mountains) in Arequipa, and after traveling 6,500 km. (4,039 miles) it ends in the Atlantic; 3,163 km. (1,965 miles) of its run belongs to Brazilian territory.

It has an average width of 4 km. (2.48 miles) among its banks. It embraces the biggest river basin in the planet with 7'050,000 square/km and receives the waters of more than 1,100 flowing rivers.

During the highest season its flow arrives up to 300 thousand cubic meters per second and during the lowest season it descends down to 80 thousand cubic meters per second. In some points, the river reaches up to 8 kms. (4.97 miles) width among banks, and also had registered up to 250 m. (820.2 feet) depth.

The Amazonas River itself is born in Nauta, in the department of Loreto, in the basin of the rivers Ucayali and Marañón. It is navigable for ships of high border, in free and international way.

The Spanish Conqueror Gonzalo Pizarro commanded an expedition for the search of the mythical "País de la Canela" (Country of the Cinnamon) in which would be found fabulous treasures, and like part of this expedition in 1542 Francisco of Orellana discovered the Amazonas River. Orellana said to have seen and fought with beautiful women that appear from its margins, that is the reason to have this name. Called "Apu Paro" by the aboriginals. 



Cruises by the Amazonas River

You will also be able to enjoy attractive cruises by the Amazonas River; the voyage can last an average of 6 to 7 days. Leaving from Iquitos a stop is made in Leticia (Colombia) and Tabatinga (Brazil) and then return to Iquitos. During the voyage, visits are made to some towns and native communities, and they are carried out hikes by the jungle, night expeditions and fishing sessions.

Medium ships offer dinner service and rooms with air conditioned system.

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