Ecological Reserve of Umayo

Location: Department of Puno, province of Puno
Area:  130 hectares.
Creation: April of 1998.

Recently inaugurated, it is the first ecological reserve of the southern Andean plateau of Peru.

Unit for the conservation and protecting of the flora and fauna of species of the Andean plateau that are considered in extinction and the protection of the archaeological complex of Sillustani.

The lagoon of Umayo has a central island, with mystic character for the near residents, on which had been located species of mammals like vicuñas (Vicugna Vicugna), tarucas or deer (Hippocamelus Antisiencis), guanacos (Lama Guanicoe), species of birds like huallatas or Andean goose (Chlophaga Melanoptera) and partridges.

The visitors will be able to take a boat to arrive to the island where are found lodging facilities, to explore the area and appreciate these species in wild state.

This visit will combine with the visit to the archaeological complex of Sillustani that is located in the banks of the Umayo Lagoon.

To arrive to this reserve you have to take a tour from Puno or Juliaca, or be transported in a journey of 30 kms. (18.7 miles) toward the north of Puno, on the highway Puno-Juliaca, and take a deviation to the west indicated in the highway.

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