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Bone Chamber in the Santiago Apóstol Church in Lampa (Photo: PromPerú)
Surrounding areas of Puno

Following the highway Puno - Desaguadero, which skirts the Titicaca Lake, we will find:

Town located on the banks of Titicaca Lake, at 20 km. (12.4 miles) southwest of Puno. During the Colony it was the headquarters of the "Cajas Reales" (Real Cash Desk). Among their religious temples outstands the Asuncion's church (1601) located in the Main Square, of facade richly ornamented. Fish station for the upbringing of trout that were introduced in the Titicaca Lake. This area was the old capital of the pre-Inca town of the aymaras Lupacas. Outside is located the altar of Inca Uyo, dedicated to the cult of the fertility.

Located at 80 km. (49.7 miles) southwest of Puno. Capital city of the Chucuito province, of Spanish foundation and called the "Aimara Rome" due to the quantity and beauty of its churches. Juli was the main mission center of the Jesuits' during the Colony, for the conquest and during the evangelism of Paraguay, the land of the Mojos, Argentina and Bolivia.

The city is located on the banks of Titicaca Lake, wool commercial center. Outstanding the churches of "San Juan El Bautista" (1590), "San Pedro Mártir", "Santa Cruz", and "Nuestra Señora de la Asunción" (1620), with beautiful paintings of the "Escuela Cusqueña"  and Italian Styles.

Located at 108 km. (67.1 miles) southwest of Puno, the city is located on the banks of Titicaca Lake, in the gulf of Pomata. Of Spanish foundation, it harbors beautiful churches outstanding among those "Nuestra Señora del Rosario" and "Santiago Apóstol" (XVII century).

Located at 134 km. (83.3 miles) southwest of Puno. Border city with Bolivia, outstanding their commercial fairs that are carried out every Sunday.

Located at 148 km. (83.3 miles) southwest of Puno. Border city with Guaqui (Bolivia), and traditional highway pass used to travel between Peru and Bolivia.

By the highway that travels toward the north of Puno, we find:

Located at 44 km. (27.34 miles) north of Puno. Capital city of the province of San Román, their economic activity is centered in trading, here is located the Manco Cápac airport. Among its attractiveness outstands the church of "Santa Catalina", the Temple of "La Merced" and the convent of "Los Franciscanos".

Located at 115 km. (71.45 miles) north of Puno, outstanding Santiago Apostle's church with beautiful facade like an altarpiece and in its interior is harbored a replica of the sculpture of Miguel Angel "La Piedad". It is the best replica in the world, and it was studied by the investigators and restorers of the original one when it was damaged some years ago for its restoration.

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