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Miraflores (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
El Reducto Park of Miraflores (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
Larco Mar in Miraflores (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
San Isidro and Miraflores


Both districts of Lima, contiguous, are characterized by their modern constructions, beautiful parks, small and big plazas, offering the best security and protection to their visitors. These are the most cosmopolitan areas in Lima.

Miraflores is Lima's modern suburb with good views over the sea. It gets a bit more lively in the evenings, and the place has thriving night-life.

San Isidro is Lima's garden district, as it stands out for its green zones and exclusive residential areas. Despite de buildings boom, San Isidro has kept something of the aristocratic atmosphere for which  this suburb was known for at the beginning of the century.

At the moment they concentrate the biggest quantity of hotels, apart-hotels and inns, preferred by the tourists that arrive to Lima. Numerous excellent international and Creole restaurants, North American franchise restaurants, commercial centers, art galleries, cafes, casinos, theaters and cinemas, night shows, pubs, discotheques, residential areas, etc.

Miraflores and San Isidro are a pleasant enough places if you like these kinds of things. 

The main national and foreign airlines have their offices located in these areas, as well as the travel agencies. The bank and managerial system also concentrates on these districts.


Tourist attractions in San Isidro

"El Olivar": Declared Historical Monument, is a beautiful park that conserves a colonial plantation of olive trees, with an antiquity of more then 450 years.

The Huaca Huallamarca


Tourist attractions in Miraflores

Central Park of Miraflores 7 de Junio: (Also called  Parque Kennedy) Beautiful park of charming gardens, has a small amphitheater in which diverse cultural artistic shows are presented. Rotondes for the exhibition and sale of crafts and arts. This is the place for a very good weekend art and crafts market at lunchtime, especially on Sundays.

Parque del Amor: Located between the Cisneros and Balta's dikes, beautiful natural mirador of the marine bay of Chorrillos, with romantic view during the sunset. It has a small amphitheater and a gigantic sculpture of an Andean couple in eternal kiss, made by the famous Peruvian sculptor Víctor Delfín. In the last years a tradition has been made, many couples when concluding the religious ceremony of their marriage, immediately visit this park, dressed with their bride and groom clothes. This happens specially on Friday and Saturday between 6 and 9 p.m.

The Huaca Pucllana

Larco Mar 
Gathered in one of the nicest stops to hang around in Lima is the largest variety of entertainment oriented in services: You will find 12 cinemas, pubs, bars, discotheques, many restaurants and a bowling.

Beaches: In the months of summer (December to March) you can take advantage in taking a bath in the beaches of Miraflores, or only go for a walk in any time of the year, just to appreciate the beautiful landscape of "Costa Verde" (an important ravine), a contrast between the beaches and the high ravine on which Miraflores is located. Some beaches have medium waves for the practice of surfing.

On this ravine it will be frequent to see paragliding and hang gliding suspended in the air, or if you prefer you can also participate of this experience.

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