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Punta Rocas beach (Photo: J.L. Tord)
Sunset in the beach (Photo: J.L. Tord)
Beaches and Resorts in Lima

In the city and near the city, you will find numerous resorts and beaches on the banks of the Pacific Ocean. 

Summer is from December to April, and you have the option to choose between many beaches.

The coast area is characterized to be desertic, existing beaches of extensive plains and others among hills or on the edge of ravines, some of them with sand, and others of stones. The water of the ocean is of green color for the great quantity of plankton. Some of calmed waters and others of big waves that are the delirium of the surfing lovers.
In Lima you will find the beaches Miraflores, Barranco and Chorrillos, and also La Punta and Cantolao in Callao.

Ancón, to the north of Lima (40 km - 25 miles) residential beach resort, buildings, nautical clubs, sailing ships, yachts, fishing. Archaeological area, very old pre-Inca necropolis.

The best beaches are located south of Lima, and they are the favorite ones of young people. Near the beaches are located some inns, restaurants and discoteques that have intense night activity during summer. If you take the south Pan-American freeway, you will find the beaches in the following order:

"Villa" and "San Pedro": Open sand beaches, with big waves and strong currents, considered very dangerous waters.

"El Silencio", "Caballeros" and "Señoritas": Three contiguous beaches, contained among small ravines, youth's favorite ones, and medium waves for surfing. Their waters are considered dangerous. Typical restaurants of marine food and bars outdoors. El Silencio and Caballeros are beaches of sand and Señoritas of stones.

"Punta Hermosa", "Punta Negra" and "San Bartolo": Residential beach resorts, restaurants and nautical clubs. Beaches with medium waves for surfing and areas of calm waters. Located among the kilometer 36 and 51 of the south Pan-American Highway.

"Santa María": Aristocratic beach resort, buildings and residential areas, nautical clubs, sailing ships, yachts. The resort and sand beaches are located among hills that attenuate the winds, calm waters in their bay. Located in the kilometer 52 of the south Pan-American Highway.

"Naplo and Pucusana": (70 km - 43.5 miles): Contiguous resorts and picturesque fishermen creek, residential areas. Beaches of very calm waters, located among hills and with small islands in their bay. Ideal area for fishing from the beach or from boats.

Going south you will find all beaches in open areas and others with residential resorts in construction, such as:

  • Puerto Viejo
  • León Dormido (79 km)
  • Las Totoritas
  • Bujama
  • Cerro Azul (132 km)
  • Cañete (148 km - 92 miles)

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