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Calendar of Feasts of Trujillo

National Contest of "Marinera"
January - February. Varies
- (Workable day)
(Traditional Creole dance) Every year is renewed the popular fervor for this dance, expression of the Peruvian soul. This competition congregates thousands of couple dancers, from the infantile category until experts that arrive from whole Peru, and captures the attention in the whole country. It is usually carried out in the Great Coliseum Chimú, and with a duration of 3 days, from the classificatory phase until the great end. Organized by the "Club Libertad" of Trujillo.

International Festival of the Spring.
From the 22 of September until October 4
- (Workable day)
Party of happiness, youth and color, in which participate the whole city and their visitors. Traditional "Corso" of the Flowers that begins at the Mansiche Stadium and travels through the city. Allegorical cars with the beauty queens, preceded of cheer leaders from U.S., folkloric groups, groups of students from school and university, "Chalanes" (horsemen) riding their extraordinary "Caballo de Paso Peruano". Foreign and Peruvian delegations participate. Parties at nights, beauty contests, artistic and cultural activities. This festival generates the visit of many Peruvian and foreign people to Trujillo. Organized by Lions Club of Trujillo.

"Olimplayas" (Olympic games played at the beach)
January - February (movable)
Huanchaco and Las Delicias resorts, sport games at the beach.

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