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Alpaca textiles (Photo: R. Mazzotii)
Silver jewelery (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
Shopping in Lima

Shopping Centers and Malls
Lima is the most cosmopolitan city in Peru, it also has numerous shopping centers and malls, in the style of the main cities of the world, all of modern construction. There you will find boutiques and department stores with everything you will need, and also in national and international famous brands. And mainly you will have the security and guarantee of the product that you buy.

In the districts of San Isidro and Miraflores you will also be able to locate great quantity of commercial establishments with a variety offer of products and prices.

In clothes, you will have a great diversity of national and international designers, recommending you the garments made of pima and tanguis cotton, varieties of Peruvian cotton that are the finest in the world, as well as the garments or cloths made with alpaca wool that after the vicuña wool, is considered as one of the finest fibers in the world.

Artisans from all the country arrive to Lima to sell their products. They sell their products in stores called "artesanales", places in which you will find products from all the country, such as ceramic, alpaca fabrics, tapestries, carpets, paintings, souvenirs, furniture, etc.

Among the craftmanship out stand the silver jewels (9.25), and especially the silver filigree, of incalculable handmade value and of very low monetary cost.

The advantages of these handmade centers are the low prices, for the competition that exists between them and the variety of articles that you can obtain in a very short walk.  Regularly the prices in these centers are cheaper to those than you will find in the origin cities.

With certain frequency they are organized in Lima fairs of artisans, to where they arrive from many places of the country, having more authentic and autochthonous handmade products, and with a cheaper price.

In Peru you may find famous jewelers specialized in gold and silver jewels. Being Peru one of the main producers of silver and gold around the world, you will find good prices for products of high quality.

Art Galleries and Antiques
There you will find exhibitions of the best Peruvian plastic artists, contemporary or antique, many of them are also famous in the international environment. (See Galleries exhibitions or Directory of Galleries)

During your permanency in Peru, is absolutely forbidden to acquire and try to take out of the country archaeological or valuable historical artistic objects. The nonfulfilment of this norm is reason of penal sanctions. Peru has international agreements with most of the countries for the confiscation of these objects when they are taken out of Peru. Avoid taking risks.

No commercial establishment is authorized to sell archaeological pieces or original historical artistic objects. If somebody tells you the opposite this person is trying to cheat you.


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