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Creole bufette (Photo: PromPerú)
Creole bufette (Photo: PromPerú)
Chili pepper sauces (Photo: PromPerú)
Peruvian desserts (Photo: PromPerú)
Restaurant in Miraflores (Photo: PromPerú)
Typical Food of Lima

Next, a brief description of the delicious and variety food served in Lima.


Cebiche: One of the most typical culinary specialties in Peru, with a remote and lost in time story. Elaborated with small fish pieces marinated and cooked in lemon juice, it is served with hot pepper, onion, lettuce leaves, seaweed, corn and boiled potato or yam; cold culinary specialty. It is called "Cebiche mixto" when shellfish is added. It can also take the name of the fish or shellfish, cebiche of corvina, cebiche of sole, cebiche of octopus, etc. If you want to enjoy this delight and you are not used to the hot  pepper it is recommended to ask for a cebiche without hot pepper.

Causa: Dish made with boiled and mashed yellow potato, served with lettuce leaves, pieces of country cheese, olives, corn and
hard-boiled egg. Served cold.

Anticuchos: Another of the most typical culinary specialties in the Peruvian cuisine. Pieces of beef heart, macerated in vinegar and spices, threaded in cane skewers. Grilled and served hot. Served with corn, yam or potato boiled with hot pepper sauce. In the popular neighborhoods its frequent to see to "anticucheras" in walking carts that prepare and sell the anticuchos outdoors also serving the Peruvian dessert " picarones ".

Main dishes:

Carapulcra of Lima: Variety of the one prepared in the town of Chincha. Culinary specialty prepared with dried potato, pork and chicken meat, hot pepper, garlic, clove, olives, toasted peanuts, cumin, basil, onion and sweet wine. It is served with grained rice.

Cau Cau: Creole dish prepared with tripes, potato, onion, hot pepper, garlic, mint, parsley and lemon juice. Served with grained rice.

Soft Drinks:

Chicha Morada: Refreshment elaborated with water in which a variety of purple corn is boiled. Sugar, lemon juice, pineapple and small pieces of chopped fruit are added.


Mazamorra Morada: The most traditional dessert in Lima. Is a kind of pudding prepared with water in which the purple corn is boiled with sugar, clove, cinnamon, quince, pineapple, "guindas" (kind of cherries), "orejones" (dried peaches), potato starch, yam flour and lemon juice. Its fame and tradition in Peru, made that "mazamorrero" is a synonym of the gentile "Limeño".

Suspiro de Limeña: Delicious dessert elaborated with "blancmange" (prepared with sweetened milk) covered with syrup, meringue.

Picarones: Kind of donut prepared with yam or squash flours, with cinnamon, anisette and salt. Are formed rings with the unique art of the " picaroneras " (people who prepare this dessert) fried in hot oil and served with syrup prepared with Chancaca (made of sugar cane). The same as the anticuchos, it is frequent to see walking carts of " picaroneras " in the popular neighborhoods and places of great public concentration. Picarones are associated as the dessert for the anticuchos.



Lima has all type of restaurants, from the very luxurious and expensive ones, to the traditional and popular neighborhood restaurants. There are restaurants for each type of food, Peruvian or international. Also found fast food and home delivery restaurants. In Peruvian food, you will also find restaurants that specialize in typical dishes of a region, and others with a wide variety.

Some restaurants offer artistic or folkloric shows, specially during the evenings.

If you want to attend to fine restaurants it is advisable to make a reservation before attending.


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