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Typical Food of Trujillo

"Shambard": It is a wheat soup, it has big green peas, dry beans and broad beans, with beef, salted pig meat, and pig skin; spiced with aromatic herbs.

"Cecina": They are small very thin slices of meat that have been salted and dried in the sun. They are fried in abundant oil and it is served with yucca, hot pepper and onion.

Also the guinea pig "ajiaco" (stew prepared with potatoes), guinea pig with peanut, causa (prepared with mashed potatoes spiced with lemon juice, salt and hot pepper), "sangrecita trujillana" (prepared with chicken´s blood), and many other plates.

Due to its proximity to the sea, it will be able to enjoy marine platters, such as the Cebiche (fish marinated and cooked with lemon), "Corvina a lo Macho" (fish with a delicious sauce), "Picante de Mariscos" (spicy stew prepared with seafood), and many other plates.

A traditional dessert of the area is the "king kong". A great pastry filled with manjarblanco (sweet prepared with milk) and fruit sweet, and "machacado" (sweet prepared with boiled fruit).

The popular and traditional drink is the "Chicha de Jora" and in the popular classes the "llonque", a kind of brandy made of sugar cane.

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