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"Bajada a los Baños" (Photo J.L. Tord)


Definitely worth a visit, this is a great place to relax over a chilled beer while you watch the sun go down over Pacific.

During the day the pace of life is more gentle here than in the rest of the city, but at night, this is a place for dancing and drinking.

Called the "City of the Mills" for the great quantity of these that existed in the past.

During the Colony and beginnings of the Republic it was the favorite marine spa of the wealthy families of Lima.

Today is a district of Lima, of numerous houses of Colonial construction, beautiful squares, gentle place of poets and artists, bohemians' point.

The romantic "Puente de los Suspiros" (Bridge of the Sighs) that crosses one of its gulches is frequented by courting couples, and it was immortalized by the famous music composer Isabel "Chabuca" Granda's song.

At nights a great quantity of pubs, discotheques and night centers offer shows of different style and variety, "peñas" with Creole and Peruvian music. Good restaurants of variety cuisine also exist and outstand those of Peruvian typical food and marine food.

The city is on a big ravine, under it the beaches and a marine spa.  With beautiful sights, especially during the evening and sunset.

Museum Pedro of Osma
Location: Pedro de Osma No. 421, Barranco.
Attention: Daily from 10:00 to 18:00
Telephone: 467-0937
Entrance: S /. 10, students S /. 5

Located in the house of the family De Osma, built in 1906, the Foundation Pedro and Angelica De Osma inaugurated the Museum in 1986.

Private collection, exhibition of art works of the Viceroyalty from the XVI to the XVIII centuries, paintings on canvases and metal, sculptures in a Peruvian stone "Huamanga", furniture, altarpieces, silver accessories and ornaments.

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