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The Peruvian Horse

This sub equine breed, originate of Peru, is famed to be the softest riding horse, and some have a four-step timing.

The Peruvian "Caballo de Paso", is a sub equine breed, originate of Peru, descending of the barbican Cordovan horse that the Spaniards brought in the conquest of Peru (1532).

They were breed when crossing the Peruvian deserts, originating not to have a characteristic walk like the common horse, moving simultaneously the front and back paw of the same side (to amble). The finest ones, are those that are able to have a four step timing.

The famous  peruvian composer Isabel "Chabuca" Granda composed "José Antonio", a beautiful song that tells about the chalán (rider) an this pretty horse.

The main breeding places of these horses are located in the proximity of the cities of Trujillo, Ica and Lima.

Every year, during the month of April, it is carried out in Lima a National Competition of the "Peruvian Caballo de Paso".

The chalan is the horse trainner and rider, he usually wears a poncho and "jipijapa" hat.

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