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Surroundings areas of Trujillo

Its name comes from the Mochica word "Huacocha" that means "beautiful lagoon of the golden fishes." Picturesque creek of fishermen and residential spa. Located at 13 km. (8 miles) northwest of Trujillo. During the Colonial age it was the main port of Trujillo. In the high part an old and beautiful church is located, in which the image of the "Virgen del Socorro" is venerated, disembarked in January 1537 by order of the King Carlos V from Spain. It is also conserved since 1707, in an urn, the intact body of Deán Saavedra, considered a miraculous saint.

It has great activity during the summer months (December to April). Good waves for the surf lovers, and comfortable inns and seafood restaurants.

It is the best place to appreciate the famous "Caballitos de Totora" (small boats made out of straw) that at the moment some fishermen use to maintain the old tradition of the Mochicas fishermen from the III century.

Town located at 46 kms. (28.5 miles) south of Trujillo, in a fluvial oasis that breaks the desertic landscape of enormous dunes. In this valley you can find diverse archaeological pre-Inca locations.

Town located at 27 kms. (16.7 miles) south of Trujillo where their modest residents are descendants of the old Mochicas and Chimús. Their activities are centered in agriculture. The name of this area is due to the diversity of archaeological remains in this area and its importance. (See "Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna")

Marine port, dedicated to the commercial transport and fishing activities.

Town located at 37 kms. (23 miles) north of Trujillo. It is located in the valley of the same name, in which exist numerous archaeological Mochica and Chimu locations.

Malabrigo or Puerto Chicama
Located very near Chicama, spa and fishermen's creek. It was of great importance in the Colonial age, and today one of the favorite places for the surf lovers, it has the highest waves in the world; here they have been carried out several international surf championships.

Town located at 65 kms. (40.4 miles) north of Trujillo, famed because of their "Caballos de Paso". 

Beaches and spas
Huanchaco, Buenos Aires and Las Delicias.

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