Legendary character, mythological origin of the Chimú Culture. It arrived to San Jose´s beaches in Lambayeque under the control of a great fleet of rafts and warriors' retinue from distant foreign lands, and it was able to subject to the Mochica nation.

It built the temple of Chot (huaca Chotuna) where it demanded to be buried at its death, in order to be immortalized next to a great emerald idol " Yampallec". The beginning of the city of Túcume is attributed to it.

The tradition of its funeral was continued by its son Cium until its 12ª generation where Tempellec transferred the idol of Naylamp of the temple of Chot to the huaca Sioternic (huaca La Cruz), and this brought misfortunes, floods, droughts, giving origin to a rebellion of warriors and priests who threw to the sea Tempellec, giving end to the dynasty of Naylamp.

This legend was picked up by the missionary and columnist of the Spanish conquest Miguel Cabello de Balboa (1535-1608), author of "Historia del Perú" (History of Peru).

At the moment the residents who inhabit in the proximity of the "Huaca Chotuna", feel scared and they affirm that at nights mysterious events happen, as the vision of a green fire in the high part of the huaca.

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