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Typical Food of Chiclayo

If you arrive to Chiclayo, don't forget to taste the following plates that are typical of the region:

"Arroz con Pato" (rice with duck): 
Exquisite plate, elaborated with rice, loche (pumpkin of the region), and fried duck. Decorated with onion, parsley and coriander.

"Seco de Cabrito" (Stew made with goat´s meat): 
Elaborated with goat meat cut in small pieces, loche ( pumpkin of the region), decorated with cumin, garlic, coriander and pepper. It is left in infusion with chicha and it is cooked. Served with boiled yuccas and white rice.

Stew made with bird or goat liver, scrambled with cooked blood, spiced with coriander, onion, green hot pepper, garlic and lemon juice, served with boiled yucca and yam slices.

"Espesado" (Thickened): 
Traditional plate of the region made with chest meat, loche, caigua (kind of green vegetable), and tender milled corn spiced with coriander and onion. Served with white rice.

Other foods

  • "Pepian de Pavo" (Stew made with turkey and corn)
  • "Causa a la Chiclayana" (Smashed potatoes finely spiced with lemmon and salt) Very good choice.
  • "Humitas" Made with corn.

There are in the area numerous descendants of semi Chinese slaves that worked in the sugar country houses at the beginnings of the republican life, and nowadays they have restaurants of Chinese food, called "chifas".

Sea food specialities

"Chinguirito": Elaborated with "guitar fish" (salted and dried in the sun variety of fish) cut in small pieces and cooked with lemon, served with chopped onion, yucca or yam and fried corn.

  • "Raya" Omelet (variety of fish species in a omelet)
  • Cebiches (Fish marinated and cooked with lemon juice)
  • "Sudado de Chita" (Fish stew)

A traditional dessert of the area is the "king kong", a great dessert stuffed with cooked fruits or "manjarblanco"(Milk sweet).

The popular and traditional drink is the "Chicha de Jora" and in the popular classes "Llonque".

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