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Lobos de Tierra and Lobos de Afuera Islands

For the lovers of the extreme marine adventure, you will find in these islands, the highest concentration of marine species of the world. You will find also a great ichthyologist wealth in the sea coasts, on the islands colonies of sea lions (Otaria Flavescens) and bird dung, that turn these islands into paradise and it is a ideal place for the practice of diving and scuba diving.
Near their coasts, ships from the Spanish colony had wrecked full of treasures in their way to Callao and Panama Ports.

The island "Lobos de Tierra" is located in front of Chiclayo and farther from the coast, the island "Lobos de Afuera".

The extension of "Lobos de Tierra" is 16 square/km., and is located at 57 nautical miles to the northwest of Pimentel and at 5 miles of the coast. "Lobos de Afuera" has an extension of 2 square/km., and is located at 45 nautical miles to the west of Pimentel. The islands do not have any vegetation and drinkable water.

People, with the exception of some guards, have no lodging facilities inhabit these islands.

Unfortunately there are no organized tours to the islands, but if desired you can rent a fishermen boat to transport from Pimentel or San Jose. It is advisable to inform the Port of Pimentel of your visit.

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