Restrictions in Flight

Before getting aboard an airship to carry out a flight, you should have to keep in mind the following recommendations of security. The trip tickets usually have described the restrictions of flight of the airline, what is very advisable to read, any doubt should be consulted with an agent of the airline before the trip.

When you aboard an airship, for reasons of security there are restricted eight articles that cannot be taken as baggage.

1. Compressed gases that are explosive, inflammable or poisonous. Example:  Butane gas, oxygen, propane gas, as that of the cylinders of the camping stoves, etc.

2. Corrosive liquids (as acids, alkalis, and humid batteries).

3. Explosive, ammunition, pyrotechnic fires and flares. Inflammable liquids or solid, such as: liquid for lighters and heaters, matches and articles of easy ignition.

4. Oxidizer materials (as peroxides).

5. Poisons. Example: Arsenic, cyanide and some insecticides.

6.  Radioactive materials or any other similar article, as mercury.

7.  Magnetic materials.

8.  Materials of irritating or nauseous scent.

The transport of aerosols like hand baggage is forbidden. It is only allowed medications, perfumes or lacquers for the hair which container has an inferior maximum content of 45 grams (1.58 ounces), these could be taken by the passenger as hand baggage, but not should be used during the flight.

The passengers will be able to take a lighter or security matches, but not the matches that burn by friction. The lighters of liquid gas that have deposits of transparent plastic can break up with the changes of pressure, for what they are not advisable.

During the flight, the lighters of gas produce a bigger flame that the normal thing. It is very dangerous to try to recharge the gas of a lighter in the middle of a flight. It is recommended to request the personnel of service of the airship to give you matches of security.

The firearms and ammunition should be declared with the delivery of the baggage to the agents of the airline and in front of the Customs authorities. You should present the whole respective documentation and give the discharged weapon, unarmed to the maximum and packed in a box, to be jointly checked with the hand baggage before getting aboard the airship.

The federal administration of Aviation of the U.S. established since August 1993 a regulation in which the use of mobile phones is prohibited during the take off and landing of the airship. Their use can interfere with the communications and sailing systems of the airship, being able to cause serious interference in the transmissions.
 The apparatuses of remote control, such as those used to control televisions or to maneuver toys, the computers and portable radios, should also remain off during the take off and landing of the airship.

Small personal sound systems, sound apparatuses for deaf and people suffering of the heart, can be used aboard.

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