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Mountain Ranges of Cusco

In the department of Cusco, having access from the city of Cusco, you will be able to find three mountain ranges with numerous snowy peaks that constitute a beautiful natural scenario, offering you possibilities to share its beautiful landscape with ideal places for the practice of mountain sports and mountain-climbing.

Mountain Range of Vilcabamba
Called this way to the section of the central chain of The Andes, located between the rivers Apurímac and Vilcanota, in the department of Cusco. Has an approximate longitude of 100 km.

Main snowy mountains:

  • Salcantay 6,271 meters above sea level - 20,574 feet
  • Pumasillo 6,070 meters above sea level - 19,915 feet
  • Lasunáyoc 6,000 meters above sea level - 19,685 feet
  • Sacsaráyoc 5,900 meters above sea level - 19,357 feet
  • Panta  5,667 meters above sea level - 18,592 feet
  • Huayanay 5,464 meters above sea level - 17,926 feet

Mountain Range of Vilcanota
Also called the Sacred Mountain Range, for the adoration that the Incas had to it. It is a section of the oriental chain of the Central Andes, located in the department of Cusco. It has a longitude of 90 km approximately and surrounds the Sibinacocha lagoon. There take place diverse pagan religious feasts, highlighting the Corpus of Coyllorite.

Main snowy mountains:

  • Ausangate 6,336 meters above sea level - 20,787 feet
  • Cayangate 6,160 meters above sea level - 20,210 feet
  • Colquecruz 6,111 meters above sea level - 20,049 feet
  • Hatunhuma 6,094 meters above sea level - 19,993 feet
  • Yayamari 6,000 meters above sea level - 19,685 feet
  • Coyllorite 5,402 meters above sea level - 17,723 feet

Mountain Range of Urubamba
Section of the oriental chain of the Central Andes, located in the right margin of Urubamba river, it has an approximate longitude of 50 km.

Main snowy mountains

  • Halancoma 6,000 meters above sea level - 19,685 feet
  • Verónica 5,750 meters above sea level - 18,865 feet
  • Sahuasiray 5,720 m - 18,766 feet above sea level
  • Chicón  5,500 m - 18,045 feet above sea level
  • Sunchubamba 5,450 m - 17,880 feet above sea level
  • Terijuay  5,380 m - 17,651 feet above sea level.

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