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Ranrahirca (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
Yungay (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
Caraz (Photo: J. Mazzotti)
Towns of Callejón de Huaylas


Following the highway that arrives from Lima, via Pativilca that is the most used to arrive to "Callejón de Huaylas"; this runs parallel to the Santa River from the Conococha lagoon.

In this itinerary you will find typical towns and Andean cities, in those that you will have the opportunity to enter in contact with their beauty, culture, folklore and crafts.

From south to north:

Cátac, (3,566 meters above sea level, 3,720 inhabitants), deviate to "Chavín de Huántar".

Recuay, capital town of the province of Recuay, (3,394 meters above sea level, 5,898 inhabitants.)


Monterrey, small town, located at 6 km of Huaraz. Sources of thermal waters, sodium chloride up to 49°C, puddles and pools, for the treatment of chronic rheumatic, nervous affections, paralysis, etc.; resort, hotels for patients and tourists.

Aija, capital town of the province of Aija, (3,363 meters above sea level, 2,377 inhabitants) agricultural and mining center, beautiful landscapes.

Marcará, located at 25 km of Huaraz, (2,727 meters above sea level - 7,362 inhabitants), located in the foothills of the snowy mountain Tocllaraju and Copa. Very close to the town are located the thermal spa's of Chancos, sources of thermal chloride sodium waters, small lagoons and a steamer are located inside a cave (70°C), at the foothills of the snowy mountain Copa.

Carhuaz, located at 32 km of Huaraz, capital town of the province of Carhuaz, (2,645 meters above sea level - 11,141 inhabitants) agricultural and tourist center, it is located in the south part of the foothills of the Huascarán, beautiful view of the snowy mountain Hualcán.

Mancos, town (2,507 meters above sea level - 7,057 inhabitants), beautiful landscapes.

Yungay (2,458 meters above sea level - 16,996 inhabitants), this city was completely destroyed by the earthquake of May 31st, 1970, and immediately buried by an immense avalanche. At the moment there are only visible the palms that were located on the Main Square and the towers of their church, the whole population disappeared under the avalanche. The new Yungay is located at little distance of what was the old city, located at 53 km of Huaraz. From Yungay starts the highway (26 km) that arrives to the Llanganuco lagoon.

Caraz, Capital town of the province of Huaylas, (2,220 meters above sea level - 16,498 inhabitants). Colonial constructions, located at 66 km from Huaraz, it is the best point to consent when climbing the snowy mountain of Alpamayo, the most beautiful in the White Mountain range, as well as to the Parón lagoon and to the snowy mountain Huandoy. Sales of beautiful and colorful flowers and typical desserts such as the manjarblanco and the natilla in picturesque wooden containers.

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