Transports and Communications - Huaraz

Huaraz is considered as the arrival and starting point to know all the attractiveness of "Callejón de Huaylas".

When arriving to Peru from abroad you will have to do it through Lima. Then by terrestrial way or renting a private plane you can arrive to Huaraz.

Terrestrial Way

You have three alternatives to arrive to Huaraz from any city of the coast.

The most commonly used, and the one recommended because of it good conditions, is the highway Huaraz Pativilca 201 kms. (125 miles) that connects Huaraz with the North Pan-American Highway, the tract from Lima to Pativilca is of 207 kms. (129 miles). This highway ascends to the Andean area (west - east) until arriving to the area of the Conococha lagoon, origin of the Santa River, and then it runs parallel to the Santa River (south - north) by the center of the valley, uniting all the towns of "Callejón de Huaylas". The landscapes and wonderful scenarios that cross this highway make it preferable to have a direct flight to arrive to "Callejón de Huaylas".

From the deviation to Pativilca in the Pan-American Highway you can arrive to the north until Tumbes and Ecuador, and to the south passing through Lima to Tacna and Chile.

The second alternative, is taking the highway Casma Huaraz of 149 kms. (92.6 miles) that takes an average of 6h 30 ', highway that is not in good conditions. In Casma it is connected with the Pan-American Highway, the tract Lima Casma has 364 km (226 miles).

The third alternative, is the highway Santa, Huallanca, Huaraz, of 145 kms. (90 miles), highway affirmed in bad conditions. In Santa it connects with the Pan-American Highway, very near the port of Chimbote.

By Air

The city of Huaraz has the aerodrome of Anta (ATA) "Comandante FAP Germán Arias Graciani", which doesn't have regular commercial flights. For the transportation by plane you will have to rent special companies that fly over these regions.


Huaraz has all the modern means of communication in telephony, mail, television, cable television, fax, connections to Internet, courier services.

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