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The Mountain Range of Huayhuash

The spectacular Cordillera Huayhuash, located south of Cordillera Blanca (White Mountain Range), in the Central Peruvian Andes, in spite of being only 40 Km (19 ml) long, has become a favorite for both trekking and to adventure walks.

It is the south section of the western chain of North Andes, located between the departments of Ancash and Huánuco, to the southeast of the Cordillera Blanca (White Mountain Range). It is located at 78 kms. (48.5 miles) from Huaraz. The geographical coordinates of this mountain range are: 10º16'01" south latitude and 76º54'09" west longitude.

It has 40 kms. (24.85 miles) length, and is conformed by eternal snowy mountains, outstanding among those the Yerupajá (6,617 meters - 21,709 feet) above sea level, Siulá (6,536 meters - 21,443 feet) above sea level and Sarapo (6,143 meters - 20,154 feet) above sea level. It has similar characteristics to the Himalaya Mountains. 

It was declared as National Tourist Reserve for the conservation of ecological and archaeological resources of the area.

Many mountaineers hold this 180 km (112 ml) trekking route to be the world's hardest, longest and most spectacular, beating existing routes in Nepal, the Himalayas and Africa. One of the reasons for its reputation is that the average altitude during the trail is aprox. 4,300 m (14,107 ft.)

The most direct access to this Cordillera is through the town of Chiquián located at 2,400 m (7,872 ft) above sea level, the capital of the district of Bolognesi which can be reached by a road that leads to Huaraz.  This is the starting and finishing point of the main trekking route, with two options: one that runs for 14 days, and the second for 16 days. Both leave from the city of Chiquián leading for Llamac, and the entire Cordillera loop around. The advisable season is between April and October.

The roads and itineraries are considered as the most difficult trekking route of the world.

The access facilities and logistics are more difficult in this area, in comparison with the White Mountain range. If you hire the services of Mountain Guides, from Huaraz or Lima, you will get the solution to many problems.

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