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New Discoveries in Huaca Rajada

November 1998

A new tomb was found in the Huaca Rajada area and the Pampa Grande archaeological complex, near the city of Chiclayo, where the Lord of Sipán was found.

The archaeologists at Brüning Museum have been working non-stop since 1983. The support received from the Libague Research Center, in Venice, Italy, was very important to this new discovery, said Dr. Walter Alva, in a press conference in Museo de la Nación in Lima.

North of the pyramid, where the Lord of Sipán was found in 1983, a new tomb was found. Its the tomb of a high ranking officer, from the Moche culture. He was covered with flags, armors and copper and silver shields. It seems he was buried 1700 years ago; the body was surrounded with 90 pots with food and drink. There were also found some servants, one of them with his feet cut off. Skeletons of llamas where also found, according to ancient rites, requiring that high class officers where buried with all their belongings.

Close to this new tomb, another tomb was found. Its seems to be a "shaman" (assistant priest), because of the clothes and ritual objects found.

This new discoveries will help in the understanding of the complex organization of the mochica society. Dr. Walter Alva said "There is no doubt this man was a third rank officer in the mochica society, with full power and control over the army."

Photos and slides about this discovery were also presented in the press conference. After being restored, the objects found will become part of the Lord of Sipán collection, in Brüning Museum.


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