Lala Perez
Septiembre 2011

Viaje a la Selva Leonor de Argentina
Hola Srta. Marilyn Vasquez: Estoy muy conforme con la atenci�n recibida, el hospedaje y el excelente guia Sr. Pancho y recomendar lo efeciente que resulto vtro trabajo y mi estadia en la Selva EXCELENTE!!!
Saludos desde la Argentina y hasta pronto.

Leonor Perez Nocitto - Lala.

Lic. Maria Guadalupe Delgado R.  
Octubre 2011

Querida Monica.
Regrese del Per� desde hace dos semanas y no me he dado el tiempo para escribirle dandole las gracias por todas sus atenciones. todo salio perfecto!. La excursion a Nazca, el tren de Machu Picchu y los hoteles que contrate a traves de ustedes.
Quede enamorada de su pais, de todas las bellezas que tiene, de su comida y de su gente. espero volver pronto. Muchas gracias y mi reconocimiento a su excelente servicio.
Desde Mexico.
Lic. Maria Guadalupe Delgado R.
L�der de Proyecto Recursos Humanos

Paula Cullison
Septiembre 2011

Hola Marilyn, I just wanted to say Thank You - Muchas Gracias - for su ayuda - for all of your help. Your help was so valuable to me .... an independent traveler. Today I e-mailed you the link to some (only 288 of 800) of my photos through The hotel El Mirador in Paracas and the Hostal Samanapaq (actually a retreat / resort) in Ollantaytambo were great values. Thank you for the train tickets to Aguas Calientes and return to Ollantaytambo. You also got me the R/T Cruz del Sur bus tickets (Lima - Paracas-Lima). Machu Picchu was awesome. I stayed in Aguas Calientes at the Green Nature Hotel - good value; you may want to contact them. Hasta Luego.

Ivana Dumanovska

February 2011

My Husband and I, I'm very satisfied with the services we received from your company our drivers were excellent and our tour guides were very pleasent friendly and well prepared for the tour. Thank you for everything!

The tours were always on time to pick us up and to us that was the most important thing.


Heather Sharman    May 2010

Hi Monica,
We have recently returned from our three-week trip to Peru. I don't think I have ever enjoyed a trip more. I shall certainly recommend to all my friends that they should journey there!

You arranged for us a five-day pre-Inca journey. Thank you so much. Everything worked out perfectly. First of all, I was most impressed with LANPeru. The two flights which you arrranged and two other flights which we took later in our tour of Peru were excellent - on time, comfortable, snacks were provided, everyone was thoroughly professional and very helpful. Our hotels in Chichlayo and Trujillo were excellent and again everyone was most helpful. Our guide, Roger, was outstanding. He provided so much information on the history of pre-Inca Peru and answered my endless questions patiently, thoroughly, and cheerfully. And what spectacular food we enjoyed; I had not known that Peru is so famous for its cuisine. I would say that the tour you arranged for us was the highlight of our time in Peru.

Les y Peggy

May 2010

Peggy and I are back from our travels in Peru and are now at Carmencita�s casa relaxing and getting ready to return to Canada. Thank you SO much for all you did to make our stay a good one. i would recommend Go2Peru to anyone who is interested in visiting Peru.

Remember...if you ever would like to visit have a place to stay in Niagara Falls. Hopefully we can telephone you before we leave. Un fuerte abrazo from both of us...Les y Peggy

Nancy Pendergast   (February 2011)

Monica - I just wanted to thank you for your help when my daughter and I went to Peru. We were thrown for a loop when our Inca Trail trek fell through, but with your help, we replaced it with a trip of a lifetime. Thanks - Nancy Pendergast

PS Please pass this on to your supervisor

Thanks -


Joanna Piotrowska    (May 2010)

Dear Monica,
I came back from Peru last Friday lnow I am back in Krak�w.Our trip was excellent. I had a lovely time and enjoy a lot you lovely country and kind people.Thank you very much for organizing our trip so well. All went accordingly to the plan. I am very impress how well tourist industry is organized in Peru. I loved Cusco and Arequipa and walk for hour along the sea side in Lima. Machiu Picciu was really brethtaking tha same was Titicaca Lake with all the lovely islands.
Thank you again.

For the New 2011 Year I wish you a lot of happiness and success in all you are doing.

With regards
Joanna Piotrowska

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