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  The contents of this guide have been planned as a means for select information and quick consultation for the tourist of today who wants to see a great deal in a short time and make the most of it.

We give below the contents and 19 sections of the guide:
What you need to know to travel in Peru?
To travel in Peru let us first learns its geography
(the country and its people)
A quick look at the Peruvian past
Art, customs, celebrations and typical dishes
Lima, capital of Peru
What can we visit in the surroundings of Lima?
Let us take a look at the Northern Pan-American Highway
Let us travel by the Southern Pan-American
Excursion to Huancayo and neighboring tropical
valleys of the Eastern Andes
Let us visit Cusco and its region
The Puno region and Lake Titicaca
maps, and plans, and more .

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