Adventure and Outdoor - Callejón de Huaylas

"The adventure paradise in The Andes", is located in Callejón de Huaylas.


Llama - Trek Expedition Olleros - Chavín

A new and interesting way to trek llama-packing is part of Llama 2000, an initiative undertaken by a group of peasant farmers from Callejón de Huaylas and Mountain Association of the Olleros-Chavín area. The initiative is designed to promote ecotourism in the Ancash department by rescuing its traditions. Llama and alpaca - the traditional Andean beasts of burden - captivate the walkers' attention during their trip along some of the most spectacular trails in the Cordillera Blanca (White Mountain Range) and National Park of Huascarán.

The route starts in the charming town of Olleros (30 km. south of Huaraz) where llamas are loaded with the necessary travel gear. During four days of walking and enjoying the scenic beauty of the area and views of snow capped peaks like Shaqsha (5,703 m. - 18,710 feet), Cashan (5,686 m. - 18,654 feet) and Tuctupunta (5,343 m. - 17,529 feet), travelers have opportunity of sharing the customs and traditions of local peasant communities at Shongo (a site dotted whit imposing sacred monoliths or huacas) and Nunupata.

The route ends at splendid archaeological site of Chavín de Huántar.



The White Mountain range is an ideal scenery for those that look for the most difficult and thrilling challenges and adventures, climbing mountains and conquering the highest peaks in Peru and the highest peaks in the world in a tropical mountain range. The mountaineering in "Callejón de Huaylas" not only offers a high sport challenge, but it also offers scenarios of wonderful landscapes in the National Park of Huascarán.

The mountaineering in this area, is a sport that can be practiced by the most expert professional mountaineers who will be able to choose routes of ascent of extreme difficulty. It can also be practiced by less expert sportsmen by the classic routes of ascent and conquer the summit of beautiful snowy peaks and glaciers. You also have the alternative on the Huayhuash Mountain range.


Mountrek - Climbing in rocks

In the low part of the glaciers of the White Mountain Range, exist numerous granite walls, with enormous potential for the climbing in rock. There are walls of rocks almost vertical, others that offer routes of more than a thousand-meter length. The most expert ones will be able to find routes of extreme difficulty, and there are also of smaller level of difficulty for those with little experience.

The season for the mountaineering practice in hard rock lasts the whole year. The rainy season is during the months of December and April that add a bigger degree of difficulty.


Snow Sports

The practice of the skiing, snowboard, or simple walks on the snow, find their best place in the snowy mountain of Pastoruri.



Santa River goes over the whole "Callejón de Huaylas" from south to north, amid spectacular landscapes, contained among the White and Black Mountain ranges, going by typical towns of rich folklore, among beautiful and florid green fields.

Santa River receives the waters from the thaw of the White Mountain range; it has an average altitude of 3,000 meters. Is born in the Conococha´s lagoon and it ends in the Pacific Ocean after a journey of 294 km. It is the mightiest in the Pacific basin, reaching the "El Pato" (duck) Canyon it crosses the Black Mountain range and it changes its way to the west.

The recommended season for the practice of rafting in small boats or kayaks is from May to October. During the months of July and August it can diminish the flow notably. During the months of December to April corresponds the rainy season, offering extreme difficulty.

The ideal spot is located between Anta, near Huaraz, to the town of Caraz, a journey of 15 km. approximately. Other spots offer bigger difficulty.

This sport can be practiced in the recommended season by any person without previous experience, attended by expert guides who can provide all the necessary equipment for its sure and touching practice.


Trekking and Mountain Biking

The beautiful landscapes of the National Park of the Huascarán, with natural paths and old Inca roads, offer an ideal and incomparable place to be seen through walks, or mountain biking. These journeys can be for one day, or also reach up to three weeks, including camping at the end of each day. The ideal season is between April and November. The great natural beauty of its scenery, between rich flora and fauna, majestic snowy mountains, canyons and gulches, as well as archaeological remains and towns of native communities, wait for you. If you look for the most difficult trekking route of the world, this is located in the Mountain range of Huayhuash.


Hang gliding and Paragliding

During the morning, the western flank of the White Mountain range has strong vertical currents of air that make it an ideal place for the practice of hanggliding or descents of the high mountains in paragliding.



In many of the numerous lagoons of the White Mountain range, can be carried out trout fishing, besides enjoying their incomparable landscapes and spaces of eternal peace and tranquility.

The practice of all these sports reaches its biggest dimension the last week of June in which is celebrated "The Week of Mountaineering in The Andes", with headquarters in the city of Huaraz. In 2001 will take place the XVIII Week of the Mountaineering, and as every year, it will congregate dozens of thousands of tourists' from Peru and from many countries.

In Huaraz you will find experienced guides that will advise you and allow the secure practice of the sport of your election. They will also be able to provide you of all the necessary equipment and logistics.

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