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Adventure-lovers will find the Andes of Cuzco to be ideal for trekking, camping and mountain-climbing. The Peruvian highlands are riddled with more than 15,000 lakes, snow-capped peaks soaring over 6,000 meters, the world's deepest canyons, bucolic valleys and picturesque villages. The entire Andean Range of Cuzco offers unparalleled opportunities for whitewater rafting, superb trails for mountain biking and gusting winds for fans of hang-gliding and paragliding.

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A paradise for walkers. To trek Cuzco is to journey through incredibly beautiful Andean countryside with a backdrop of everlastingly white mountains and crystal clear lakes, to walk along the Qapac Ñan (Inca Trail), that network of roads built by the Incas to unite their empire, and to see the culture of communities that adorn the pathways. There are trekking routes that take you on adventures through the Mountain Ranges in Cuzco.

The best circuist for hiking and trekking are:


River Running - Rafting - White Water

Urubamba River
Its torrential waters (Class I and II) run between the most spectacular landscapes on the Valle Sagrado de los Incas (Sacred Valley of the Incas), amid places that fuse the millennial of the Inca and the purest adventure emotion. Journeys can be carried out with a duration up of two days, having tracks for people without experience offering only a little difficulty, being always recommended to be attended by expert guides who can provide all the necessary equipment for its sure and exciting practice.


The recommended sections of Urubamba River are

  • Huambutío - Písac
  • Calca - Urubamba (Huarán)
  • Ollantaytambo - Chilca. (Track that can be combined with the Inca trail )


The recommended season for the practice of river running in rafts or kayaks is from May to October. During the months of July and August the flow can diminish notably. During the months of December to April corresponds the season of rains, it offers bigger difficulty.

Apurímac River
The practice of rafting in this river is only reserved for the most experienced; it has rapids of classes I, II, III and IV. It is one of the best scenarios that attract sportsmen of all parts of the world. The Apurímac River is the Andean origin of the Amazonas River; its bed is narrow and deep, forming one of the deepest depressions in America, with enormous cliffs.

The highway that leaves from the city of Cuzco to the Apurímac River is not in good conditions, but the emotion and high adventure dose justify this sacrifice.

You can be provided with the services of guides and all the equipment from the city of Cuzco beside logistics and terrestrial transport. This adventure demands a minimum of three days, and journeys can be done of 5 days by the Apurímac river.


Mountain Climbing in the Andes

Cuzco has three mountain ranges, with numerous snowy peaks that constitute a beautiful natural scenario, offering you possibilities to share its beautiful landscape with ideal places for the practice of the mountain-climbing. The Mountain Ranges of Vilcabamba, Vilcanota and Urubamba, have imposing snowy peaks, among those outstanding the Ausangate (6,336 meters above sea level - 20,787 feet), the Salcantay (6,271 meters above sea level - 20,574 feet) and the Veronica (5,750 meters above sea level - 18,865 feet).

The mountain-climbing in this area, is a spor t that can be practiced by the most expert professional mountaineers who will be able to choose ascent routes of extreme difficulty, and it can also be practiced by less expert sportsmen by the classic ascent routes and conquer the summit of beautiful snowy peaks.


Rock Climbing (Mountrek)

In the lower part of the snowy mountains of the Mountain Ranges of Vilcabamba, Vilcanota and Urubamba, numerous rock walls exist, with enormous potential for the rock climbing. There are rock walls of almost vertical shape. The most expert ones will be able to find routes of extreme difficulty, also finding the ones of smaller level of difficulty for mountaineers with little experience.

The season for the climbing practice in hard rock is during the whole year. The rainy season is between the months of December to April adding a bigger degree of difficulty.


Horseback Riding

This ride on the much-loved Peruvian Paso Horse is the best way to explore the Sacred Valley. The grace, spirit and intelligence of the Pasos have been refined over centuries of careful breeding and adept handling.


Bird-watching in Cuzco

The paradise route for birding is from Ollantaytambo to Quillabamba -the abra of Malaga-. Also you can found many species of hummingbirds in Machu Picchu.


Birds in Cuzco - Photo Gallery


Sport Fishing

In the waters of the Vilcanota or Urubamba River, in the Valle Sagrado de los Incas (Sacred Valley of the Incas), you will be able to fish exquisite salmon and rainbow trout, especially among the months of April to October.


In Cuzco you will find experienced guides that will advise you and they will allow the sure practice of the sport that you choose. They will also be able to provide you with all the necessary equipment and logistics.


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