Around Arequipa


The Countryside (La Campiña)

The agricultural area of the periphery of the city is embodied in beautiful picturesque landscapes. It is as a great chessboard in different degrees of green and with the Incan system of sowing in "andenerías". The Arequipa's countryside has been inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists and poets.


To continue we will describe small towns that are located in the surroundings of Arequipa.



Is located in a high area, inner suburb of Arequipa. Cayma offers a magnificent view of Arequipa and is often referred as the "Balcony of Arequipa". On the main plaza, the ancient church of San Miguel Arcángel (1730) is considered to be a jewel of the blended styles of colonial architecture. To the right of the temple is a dining room called "Comedor de Bolívar" and a small art museum. Here it is also a traditional celebration of the Feast of "Virgen de la Candelaria".



A peaceful neighborhood of narrow streets, very old houses, and excellent "picanterías" (a kind of restaurant). Yanahuara is also located in a high area, it has a main plaza with a beautiful church Iglesia San Juan Bautista (1750), whose facade is finely sculpted in ashlar. Nearby you can find Yanahuara Lookout (Mirador de Yanahuara), it was built in the nineteenth century and is composed of a series of sillar stone arches where the words of famous Arequipa citizens have been engraved. This spot is a wonderful view point of the city and Mount Misti volcano. (Yanahuara Photo Gallery)


The neighborhood of San Lázaro

Very near to the historical center of Arequipa. It is formed by small narrow streets, also very old houses built in ashlar, this is one of the most typical neighborhoods.


Carmen Alto

Town in the middle of beautiful landscapes of andenería in the countryside ("andenería" or "andenes" are steps that the ancient Incas built to irrigate their mountainside fields). Headquarters for an astronomical observatory.



Lively town, located to the west of Arequipa. Is known for its traditional celebration of the Festival of the Three Kings on January 6. Founded by Inca Mayta Cápac. It was named Capital of Arequipa during President Castilla's government.



To the west of Arequipa, Sachaca's Founder's House, rising from the earth like a great castle, commands extraordinary view of the surrounding countryside.


Mansión del Fundador

(Founder's House) 16th century colonial estate. Built on the border of the Socabaya River, this residence has belonged to several proprietors through history. Originally the property of the founder of Arequipa, it belonged in the 16th century to the congregation of the Jesuits who built many enclosures, terraces and chapels. In 1785 it was acquired by Don Juan Crisóstomo de Goyoneche y Aguerreverre, who converted it into the residence it is today. The building has a main entrance with a dramatic vestibule with vaulted ceiling. There is also a Mirador with panoramic views and beautiful, intimate chapel. (Mansion del Fundador Photo Gallery)



Located south of Arequipa, this town with its watering places and small lagoon, as well as weekly cockfights, attracts large Sunday crowds.



Located to the southeast of Arequipa, this bucolic town have excellent views of the countryside.



Located 8 Km (5 miles) southeast of Arequipa, this town is located in an area with lots of springs of water and is also important for its "andeneria" and beautiful countryside. We recommend a visit to the XVIII Century restored Sabandía Mill, it represents the typical architecture of the zone where the use of sillar stone predominates. It is characterized by solid supports and rustic balconies. Stone grinding wheel techniques for wheat processing can be viewed here as well. (Sabandía Photo Gallery)



Located 9 Km (5.6 miles) east of Arequipa. Jesús is well known for its thermal springs, plentiful in this area for its volcanic nature. Due to its high contain of chloride, arsenic and iron, these medicinal and tonic waters have been used to treat liver diseases and rheumatism. The pools or "puquiales" are naturally pure and 100% drinkable. Jesús has lodging centers both for patients and tourists.



Located 25 Km (15.5 miles) north of Arequipa, near the volcano Chachani. This is a population on which exists watering places assorted by springs of thermomedicinal water, ferruginous water and sulfurous water. It has lodging for patients and tourists. It also has a beautiful chapel. Very close to this place at the north part you can find the Socosani springs.



Picturesque town in the middle of the countryside, beautiful landscapes.



Founded by Inca Mayta Cápac, traditional religious feasts and famous for its bullfights. Geophysical observatory of the National University of San Agustín.



Located in the countryside, 15,000 year-old stone carvings can be found near the town.



Located on the slopes of the volcano Pichu Pichu, 27 Km (16.8 miles) east of Arequipa, founded by the Incas, this town has a beautiful XVI Century Church of the Sacred Spirit of the Dominican Order.



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