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Amazon River Expeditions - Tour Operator

Amazon River Expeditions - Peru Tour Operator

Amazon River Expeditions Tour Operator is part of the Company Corporación Hotelera del Amazonas with 30 years in the hotel and jungle tourism business in Iquitos and the Peruvian Amazon River.

Amazon River Expeditions is the only Tour Operator which is able to provide high quality service in Iquitos and the jungles of the Peruvian Amazon River by offering the best hotels in Iquitos, the best jungle tours in top Eco-Lodges and tourist and luxury cruises along the Amazon River. Special tailored programs for nature lovers, jungle expeditions to the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve and the Alpahuayo-Mishana Reserve, etc.

Our Hospitality Centers:

Amazon River Expeditions has solid logistical back up and all the facilities for it's operations as such van and buses like Toyota Bus with A/C 28 passengers and 6 speed boats with capacity since 6 until 20 passengers.

All of our transport units have insurance and life jackets and conform to International Rules and Regulations.

Corporación Hotelera y Turística del Amazonas has 60 qualified collaborator who work in the different company’s areas like our guides, all of them from the City of Iquitos and the native villages with more than 20 years experience guiding groups of tourist of various nationalities. The languages they speak fluently are: English, French, and German.

Customer Base:
Our primary target is the North American and European Tourist. But our vision is for a world wide customer base.

Since 2001 we have been actively involved in some of the most important International Fairs in the world such as: FITUR in Madrid, WTM in London, MITT and Otdykh Leisure in Moscow and ITB in Berlin.

Sustainable Tourism:
Amazon River Expeditions Tour Operator, is committed to Sustainable Tourism as part of it’s support for the native communities located in Yanamono, has been associated with other foundations such as Youth Linc through the Yanamono Nature Center (with seat in Heliconia Amazon River Lodge) for the construction of a school in the villages such as in the case of the recently inaugurated High School of Yanamono that, thanks to the active participation of some young people from the State of Utah and to the young natives in Yanamono, constructed a school for 100 people.

Besides, thanks to Rotary Foundation , Yanamono's school have a boat with a 15 HP motor to the kids can assist to the School without risk and Amazon River Expeditions will provide daily the combustible.

Meanwhile , we will follow with logistic support to the Institutions before mentioned to implement at the Santa Rosa and San Pedro del Maniti Communities in Education and Health projects.

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