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Ayahuasca, Santo Daime, Yague

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Photo Gallery: Ayahuasca Medicinal Ritual

In 1987, it was legalized in Brazil, a beverage that had been forbidden for many years because it was supposed to be hallucinogen and so, considered as a drug.

Nevertheless, this beverage, known and used for centuries for health uses, was never taken seriously.

Since the beginning, human beings have used plants in their search of a superior knowledge, and probably were plants who gave men consciousness to display all his potential, giving birth to homo sapiens.

In the same way that we read in the Holy Bible that a forbidden fruit opened Adam and Eve eyes, we could well point they were plants which first made changes in human beings minds.

Our ancestors used every resource available in their homelands not only for medicinal purposes but also as a way to interact with the world and their gods.

Nowadays, these are called "entiogenous" which means "God inside us", and are mostly plants that let us have a full, vital experience and with remarkable results in our behavior and the way we live our surrounding world.

Nevertheless there exists an infinite number of "entiogenous" and not all are available and can be used freely by everyone; this products have to be carefully supervised by professionals or by experts in their use.

In many countries, these products should be only prescribe by doctors or are forbidden.

The original word to name this beverage, is "Ayahuasca" a quechua -native Peruvian language- word that means "rope that links the world of the dead with the world of the living". This language is very extended in South America: Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, part of the Brazilian Amazon, Bolivia, north of Argentina, and north of Chile. That is, the ancient territory of the Inca Empire.

In more recent years, it has been known as "Santo Daime" which means "to give sanctity" and has more relation with Portuguese spoken in Brazil, but both names are correct to named it.

This beverage is produced by a mixture of various plants and where a liana or vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) plays a principal role.

Many think that the beverage is obtained just boiling this vine and the resultant juice is Ayahuasca, but this is not true. The vine by itself doesn’t produces any effect. Nevertheless, it contains a very powerful inhibitor of the monoxidase that combined with other vegetables which probably contains DMT (dimetiltriptamina) produces the known entiogenous effects.

There are 90 different plant species that contains DMT and some have this effects. Others could be used in combination to produce Ayahuasca.

Those who use this beverage in rituals to heel their spiritual and medical illness have different sensations; such as cold, heat, sweat etc. This has a lot to do with the vegetables used in the preparation. Active synthetic components are forbidden everywhere, but no South America country forbids the use of Ayahuasca in its natural state or prepared according to ancient and traditional recipes.

Is very common to find "curanderos" (healers or witch doctors) that treat sickness only with Ayahuasca and are known as "ayahuasqueros" due to their skills in the preparation and use of this beverage that contributes to physical and spiritual health.

This means that Ayahuasca is considered a sacred and therapeutically beverage; an important goal, considering human beings in its context and not as a organism that only responds to external stimulus.

The use of entiongenous has been extended from South America to Europe through its religious movements which openly and without restrictions practice their religion known as Church of Santo Daime. They are known as "daimistas". Also towards north, in California, USA, there exist plantations of this vine to produce Ayahuasca.

The different countries that consume Ayahuasca give different names according to their own languages. It is prepared for different uses and is administer according to different ages, objectives, purposes etc. This means that a "chaman or shaman" takes it for far-sighted, dream interpretations, etc. An older person to make its life more full and productive. To youngster, it is use to make them stronger and to prepared their personalities so that they do not undermined their future development.

It is also remarkable the different cultural trends that there exists and which are strongly against the use of Santo Daime or Ayahuasca because they considered that they are related with religious or syncretism sects that try to separate from reality those persons who get in their discipline. Besides, they argue facts that must alert authorities; but actually the problem is not the product itself but the misuse of it, just as alcohol introduce by Europeans in America during conquest.

Anything could be used for different uses according to those who used it. The fact is that Ayahuasca is not forbidden and its use only in certain places.

Santo Daime or Ayahuasca is used to catalyzed de process of spiritual growth with therapeutical benefits to correct behavior and physical illness caused by different way of seeing the world. It unifies, oriental believes with Christianity. From orient it takes the knowledge to unify individual soul with universe, karma, reincarnation, meditation etc. While from Christianity takes charity, forgiveness, generosity, love and Christian conduct with oneself and fellow men.

The use of Ayahuasca is everyday more extended in many parts of the world and has a lot to do with a change in the evolution of human beings and the contemporary culture that is radically changing lately.

Anybody interested to know more about this beverage, can contact through the web in many different pages specialized on the theme or visiting the nearest church were this ritual is held.

Source: Wasai Tambopata Lodge

Photo Gallery: Ayahuasca Medicinal Ritual

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