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Amazon Lodges
Tambopata Area
Amazon and Rain forest Lodges in Tambopata Area

This lodges offer you the best option to explore and enjoy the Peruvian Amazon area, they. have elaborated an excellent plan of activities in full jungle. The start point is Puerto Maldonado.

The Tambopata area's jungle lodges can only be reached by boat and give visitors a rustic jungle experience, as well as providing guides and tours with the highest chances of seeing local wildlife.

Normally all lodges offer programs including river transportation, all meals, accommodation, excursions to jungle; available specialized programs as birdwatching, fishing, shamanic sessions with ayahuasca or visit to native communities as Machiguengas and Ese'ejas.

Some tour programs include visits to Sandoval Lake and Inkaterra Canopy

Tambopata Area: Jungle Lodges - Tambopata Expeditions:

Lodge Location
(Distance from Puerto Maldonado)
Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica Madre de Dios River (16 Km)
Sandoval Lake Lodge Sandoval Lake - Madre de Dios River (13 Km)
Posada Amazonas Lodge Tambopata River
Explorer's Inn Tambopata River (58 Km)
Cayman Lodge Amazonia Tambopata River (70 Km)
Refugio Amazonas Lodge Tambopata River
Wasai Tambopata Lodge Tambopata River
Tambopata Research Center Tambopata River

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