Conoce la increible biodiversidad de Paracas e Ica

Conoce la increible biodiversidad de Paracas e Ica

Duración: 2 días

Discover the tranquil beauty of southern Peru’s coastal valley and help alleviate extreme poverty in Pisco. Explore the beautiful Ballestas Islands and the Paracas National Reserve and learn how to surf the sand dunes and spend a night in the serenity of the Peruvian desert.

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Conoce la increible biodiversidad de Paracas e Ica - .
Conoce la increible biodiversidad de Paracas e Ica - .
Conoce la increible biodiversidad de Paracas e Ica - .
Conoce la increible biodiversidad de Paracas e Ica - .
Conoce la increible biodiversidad de Paracas e Ica - .
Conoce la increible biodiversidad de Paracas e Ica - .
Conoce la increible biodiversidad de Paracas e Ica - .

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Day 1
Begin your tour with an adventure to the beautiful Ballestas Islands, also known also as “the Small Galapagos,” off the southwestern coast of Peru. Jutting out from the sea, this impressive collection of craggy rock formations is an important sanctuary for endemic marine fauna like the Guanay cormorant, the blue-footed booby, and the Humboldt penguin. The islands are also a refuge for two varieties of seals-- fur seals and sea lions. After exploring this vibrant haven for sea wildlife, you’ll return to shore for a visit to the Paracas National Reserve, a protected natural wonder that provides shelter to numerous species of birds and marine animals, such as the Peruvian pelican and the Chilean flamingo. Made up of the Paracas Peninsula, tropical desert, and miles of coastal waters, the Paracas National Reserve exists to protect the marine ecosystem and preserve the rich history and heritage of the pre-Inca Paracas culture. Before leaving the reserve, you will have the option to enjoy fresh, local seafood prepared by the fisherman of the village of Lagunila.

Later, travel to an authentic winery nestled in the Peruvian countryside, half an hour from the Casa Illary Ika. Here you’ll find a uniquely untrammeled landscape, free from the hustle and bustle of trinket shops and commercial centers. You’ll meet Miseika, a local organic winemaker who will take you on a tour of his orchards. Taste delicious wines, nuts, and fruits from his garden. Afterwards, take a dip in the waters of Moron Lagoon, a desert oasis hidden among rolling sand dunes. Try your hand at surfboarding along the dunes with some expert guidance. Once evening falls, spend the night connecting with nature and stargazing in the desert of rural Peru. Casa Illary Ika will provide all the necessary equipment - a tent, sleeping bag, and grill - for you and your group to have an unforgettable camping experience unlike any other.

Day 2
Start off your day right with a succulent breakfast before returning to Casa Illary Ika to learn more about the organization and the meaningful social work they do. Then, travel to the archaeological ruins of Chongo. Delve deep into Inca culture and immerse yourself in the region’s long history at this important historical site. Conclude your tour with a tasty lunch back at the Casa Illary Ika.

  • All transfers from bus station
  • Islas Ballestas tour. Paracas naciotal reserve tour, winery Mikeysa  and  Moron lagoon.
  • All entrances fees
  • Oficial guide in English
  • Include 1 dinner, breakfast, and 1 lunch
  • All material for camping
  • Private transportation

Lunch in Lagunilla




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