Cata de vinos y visita del oasis de Morón

Cata de vinos y visita del oasis de Morón

Duración: 1 día

Explore a desert oasis and help fund infrastructure in rural Peru. Swim in Moron lagoon, an idyllic oasis with crystal clear water and a beautiful landscape hidden amongst sand dunes. Tour a traditional winery and learn how pisco, a grape-based brandy produced only in certain regions of Peru and Chile, is made.

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Cata de vinos y visita del oasis de Morón  - .
Cata de vinos y visita del oasis de Morón  - .
Cata de vinos y visita del oasis de Morón  - .

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We’ll start the day by hiking or driving to the Moron Lagoon (depending on your preference), a desert Oasis surrounded by gorgeous sand dunes. Dive into the amazing natural water, and try surfboarding in the sand dunes if you are feeling very adventurous!

After lunch, we'll drive to the Peruvian countryside, where there an authentic winery. Here you’ll find a uniquely untrammeled landscape, free from the hustle and bustle of trinket shops and commercial centers. Meet Miseika, a winemaker, who specializes in organic wines and Pisco. He will lead you on a path through his orchards where you will learn all about his craft, taste wines, and see the variety of fruits and nuts that he harvests, as well as the bees he keeps.

English guide is not included in this tour. If you want to hire a english guide, you must pay an extra fee of 31 US$ (from 1 to 8 persons)

Pick up from bus station, tour guide, free wine tasting, surf table, lunch.




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