Full Adventure

Full Adventure

Duration: 6 days

Canoe ride, fish for piranhas, nocturnal excursions, visit to different lakes to see ornamental fish, birdwatching, special devices to the pink and gray Amazon River dolphins. It is one of the best tours in Iquitos.


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Day 1: .... (Lima) / Iquitos / Muyuna Lodge (L-D)

  • You will easily find our staff waiting for you in Muyuna's counter in Iquitos Airport.
  • Immediately, the guide will take you to the harbor.
  • Our speed boats will be waiting for you, ready to travel for three hours upriver on the Amazon, 140 kilometers.
  • After setting in your bungalows and having lunch, finally you will start your trip.
  • The check list with the animals that have been previously seen will be provided.
  • After lunch we will take you along a path which is half an hour away from the lodge where you will walk looking for monkeys, sloth, insects, birds, etc.
  • After the hike, we take you to look the sunset at the Sapote Lake.
  • After dinner, you will continue with the adventure looking for black and white caimans (jungle alligators).

Day 2 : Muyuna Lodge (B-L-D)

  • Using canoes you will go to Juanachi Lake, which is hard accessible, because is far and has many aquatics plants that appeared at the entrance, being the reason why you can appreciated the abundance of fauna and flora.
  • Here you will walk or paddle (depending on the water level), looking the different types of birds like parrots, macaws, toucans, egrets, hawks, ducks, etc, also sloth and several species of monkeys like the night, squirrel and dusky titi ones.
  • The lunch will be served outdoors to enjoy more time in this remote place.
  • Here you can walk, depending on the river level, looking for more fauna.
  • After dinner, you will make a nocturnal hiking to the strangle tree, where is the home of many species of tarantulas (although their bad fame, they are not dangerous to humans).

Day 3 : Muyuna Lodge (B-L-D)

  • After breakfast, you will make a hiking at the back of the lodge where you observe the variety of flora that region has. In this hike you can taste the water of the “Uncaria tomentosa” that has inside its vain (it is said that can cure cancer and aids). Also you will be surprised for the giant ceiba trees. You will have the opportunity to see the pygmy marmoset, the smallest monkey in the world, and if you are lucky, howler monkey, which roar it is listened miles away! Also, it is easy to spot some tamarins and black monkeys, different species of birds, and colorful butterflies. In this area we also have seen, in few opportunities, some felines. This hike can last seven hours, depending on your physical state, you can reach the Tahuayo River.
  • In the afternoon, you will enjoy the greenest sunset of your life, fishing piranhas and silver hatched fish in the Purura Lake.

Day 4 and 5: Muyuna Lodge (B-L-D)

  • These days will be different from the other ones, because you will make camping inside the rainforest. We will take you to the Yarina Lake, where we will establish a camp to make all the different excursions.
  • Here the breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in the outdoors and you can enjoy the purest essence in the Amazonian rainforest where we can GUARANTEE the observation of many species of animals.
  • The next day, after breakfast you will return to the lodge to have lunch.
  • In the afternoon, you will continue with the adventure going to the Pungal. This is an area that has several strangle figs, which is the favorite place of Hoatzin birds, these birds look like a prehistoric ones, because they have three hooks in their wings middle articulation, you will be surprised looking at them.

Day 6 : Muyuna Lodge / Iquitos / .... (Lima) (B-L)

  • Very early in the morning before breakfast, you will make a very efficient bird watching trip. This is the best hour to look for them because they begin their day feeding themselves in the trees. It will be very easy to see parrots, macaws, toucans, egrets, hawks, ducks, etc.
  • Later, you will be taken by boats to the Amazon River. Here you will experiment the most magical moment of your trip: to see and listen to the Pink Amazon River dolphins playing around your boat (our boats are equipped with a SPECIALIZED HEADPHONES SYSTEM to enjoy this unique experienced).
  • In the way back to the lodge, you will see the biggest aquatic plant in the world, the famous Victoria Regia.
  • During lunch, with your guide you can check all the animals that you have seen.
  • Then your grate experience comes to the end, sailing three hours back to Iquitos and we take you to the Airport.

What to take:

Swimming suit, tennis shoes, sandals, a long sleeved shirt, shorts, long pants, a hat, mosquito repellent, sun screen, a torch, a good book, binoculars, lots of socks, camera. Rubber boots are recommendable to wear when the people are walking through dense jungle. They are available in Iquitos (not included in the price). As a recommendation, you should wear light-colored-clothing to avoid mosquitoes. As the space in the boat is limited, please, try to take only the necessary things to the lodge. You can store your extra things in our Iquitos office at no extra charge


  • All meals as indicated
  • Guided tours (English or Spanish)
  • Terrestrial and river transportation
  • Accommodations

Not Included

  • Air tickets
  • Airport taxes and tips
  • Drinks in the bar




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